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autumn landscapes by Kevin Russ

Without a doubt my favorite photographer. 

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I’ve had friends that couldn’t be my lover. I’ve had lovers who couldn’t be my friend. I can’t wait for the day I find the person that is both.

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Man shouldn’t be able to see his own face – there’s nothing more sinister. Nature gave him the gift of not being able to see it, and of not being able to stare into his own eyes.

Only in the water of rivers and ponds could he look at his face. And the very posture he had to assume was symbolic. He had to bend over, stoop down, to commit the ignominy of beholding himself.

The inventor of the mirror poisoned the human heart.

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet  (via cosmofilius)

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best date

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hahahaha so true

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Your body is a vessel for your experience, and you will be trapped until you realize that what the vessel looks like is not as important as what it can do.

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i try not to judge based on ships but like

hermione and snape



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