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Your first love has
that title for a reason.
They may or may not
still be in your life,
but they have served their
purpose. They have
written their own chapter.
Let it rest,
find comfort in moving on.

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cant deal



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You know your cool when your making a Pros/Cons list on the Sunday night of a long weekend.


When I think back to when I was 15/16, I remember feeling really self conscious. I had braces, glasses and wore Hello Kitty while most of my friends wore band tee’s and had boyfriends. I died my hair brown once in the hopes that I would fit in and be ‘dark and cool’ but it just made me feel worse.

I guess I still feel like that sometimes now even at 23. I look at peoples Facebooks and Instagrams and see girls with tattoos and piercings or girls who wear jewellery and wear make up and I feel like Im somewhere lost in between. Im not ‘alternative’ enough but Im also not ‘girly’ enough. Im just this awkward ‘bleh’. And then I wonder does it even matter? Are we all just doing this so we can have 500+ ‘friends’ on all these social net working sites so we can upload photos of ourselves to see how many likes we get just so we can convince ourselves that we arent that awkward Hello Kitty, braces and glasses wearing teenager anymore? It seems like we are all so superficial now and it makes me happy that when I was 15 we only had MSN chat and Myspace, unlike teens now where they are make to think if they dont have an account for everything they arent cool.



Sandra gets it.

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